Monday, February 21, 2011

Reading Week!

Hello Followers,
          It is Monday February 21, 2011, and I am living at home for the Reading Week. Last week I recorded how much money I spent on my grocery shopping and the hope was to eventually compare that with the amount that I normally spend on a weeks groceries when I am eating normally. This week however, I am not paying for my own food and I am happily eating what has been made for me at home and I have found it very easy to eat non-frozen and no precooked foods. All of the meats that we eat at home come from our family friends who share their pork and beef with us and this has made eating no precooked/frozen meats very easy as part of our experiment.
          On Sunday for lunch, we ate at our church’s potluck. I have to admit, I am not sure if what I ate was all fresh and not frozen, however, I accepted the fact that in this case, it was almost impossible for me to determine where my food came from and if the casseroles at the potluck contained vegetables and meats that were frozen or precooked when bought. I took this day as my free day and enjoyed the foods that our family friends took the time to prepare and cook at home. I did however avoid foods that were obviously precooked from restaurants and grocery stores.
          Today for family day, my sister Jilienne, made a delicious homemade soup using fresh, vegetables and legumes that were both bought fresh from the store or grown in our garden and frozen for the winter. She created the recipe herself by adapting the recipe from homemade baby food. The pureed soup tasted great! The recipe is below for your enjoyment!
          I am looking forward to researching the differences between fresh and frozen foods in greater detail while Cara and I begin to write our paper portion of our Green Politics Assignment. I have noticed just from quickly glancing at labels on frozen boxed meals, the high sodium content of frozen boxed foods. I am interested in researching the impacts of consuming frozen and precooked foods.

Baby Food Soup! 
Sweet potato
Regular potato
Cottage cheese
Cheddar cheese
Vegetable broth
-puree together with an electric mixer
-heat and enjoy!

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